Wella Elements Shampoo Review

Wella Elements Shampoo Review
Wella Elements Shampoo

I am in love with the Wella Elements Shampoo. The shampoo is Paraben Free, Sulphate Free. The consistency of the product is great. The packaging of the product is super classy. Ahhh, the shampoo works just perfectly. Okay, let me not indulge in my love for this shampoo, lets us see how this works.

About Wella

This particular product comes under the category of Elements in Wella Shampoo category which is "free of" any harmful chemicals. This category is curated for ingredients-conscious clients, which instantly repairs and prevents against keratin degeneration.  It provides up to 10 times more strength against breakage and vitality and this range is curated with NuTree Complex.

Claims about the product

Create a luxurious foaming experience with our sulfate-free shampoo. It renews the moisture of the hair, preserving and nourishing it from root to tip. 

Why sulfate is bad for your hair?

The deal with sulfate is that it contains a surfactant(it is a term for various detergents, emulsifiers, and foaming agents) which attracts both oil and water. And in return, it strips away all the natural oils from the scalp and hair making them dry and brittle. 

The culprits are present in there as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate and they are the reason why your shampoo lathers too much. There could be many side effects of having sulfates in your shampoo and some of them are
  • Hair Loss
  • Strips away natural oils from the scalp
  • Dermatitis (an itchy inflammation on the skin)
  • Damage of protein present in your hair

I think these reasons are sufficient to make you switch to a sulfate-free shampoo and how you know how bad sulfate is for your hair, so now I should be continuing talking about the Wella Elements Shampoo.

Ingredients List

Wella Elements Shampoo Ingredients
Wella Elements Shampoo Ingredients

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INR 175 for 30ml
INR 1050 for 250ml

Shelf Life

12 months

Shelf Life of Wella Elements Shampoo
Shelf Life of Wella Elements Shampoo

How to use it?

  • Apply to damp hair and massage gently into a lather.
  • Rinse thoroughly.

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Texture, Colour and Fragrance

The texture of the product is like a serum, runny but not watery. The color of the shampoo is totally transparent. The shampoo has an amazing, refreshing smell to it. 

the best shampoo without sulfate
Consistency of Wella Elements Shampoo

The fragrance lingers on your hair even after shampooing, the fragrance is very light and for sure will not irritate sensitive noses out there. The fragrance stays a bit even after the hair is completely dry and that in itself is very amazing. Every time you smell your hair there we a refreshing smell to lift up your mood.


The shampoo comes in a tall white bottle with green leaves on its front label. The bottle is very sleek and the packaging is super classy. The cap of the bottle comes with a special kind of packaging where on clicking one side of the packaging, a small hole will be made on the other side which makes it easy to dispense the product( I am sorry I don't know what this type of packaging is called if someone knows please comment back). Also, this shampoo can be used daily without damaging your hair is another claim they have. And I totally agree with that. 

The packaging makes it very effective to dispense the right amount of product. A travel size is also available for the shampoo with 30ml of quantity, which is best for travel purposes. The rest of the details about the shampoo are mentioned on the side of the bottle itself. 

My experience with Wella Elements Shampoo

I am in love with this shampoo. The shampoo is Paraben Free, Sulphate Free. The consistency of the product is perfect. The packaging of the product is super classy. Ahhh, the shampoo is just perfect. Okay, let me not indulge in my love for this shampoo, lets us see how this works.

Okay, the shampoo claims to be sulfate and paraben-free and we have heard that the shampoo free of such chemicals does not lather much, but that is not the case with this one, this shampoo lathers very well. This shampoo can be used daily without damaging your hair.

sulfate free shampoo meaning
Zero Parabens Zero Sulfates Wella Elements Shampoo

The shampoo makes hair extremely soft and manageable, if you have applied oil, you need to shampoo twice and if not shampooing once works. The shampoo cleanses the scalp thoroughly removing every layer of gunk, dirt, greasiness, and grime from your hair. This leaves the hair squeaky clean without leaving them dry.

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sulfate free shampoo meaning
After lathering the Wella Elements Shampoo with water

Coming to how the hair feels after shampooing, ahhh hair feels perfect. The shampoo is easy to wash off from the hair without that slippery or conditioner wali feeling. The hair feels so smooth and meanwhile, it enhances the texture of the hair. There is no requirement for any other product after using this shampoo, I am soon going to buy the Hair Mask from the same range and will review that for you guys too. 

The shampoo works perfectly every time, you will notice a healthy shine and improved texture of your hair from the first wash itself. The scalp will be squeaky clean and side by side your hair will not be dry at all. The price of the shampoo can be slightly expensive for some but trust me it is worth every penny, it is basically an investment that will pay you off later.

How I use it?

  • I take a coin size amount of shampoo in my mug and mix with a little bit of water. And then apply it all over my scalp. Leave it there for 60 seconds and then wash it off. I flip my hair before washing them(will share my views on this ina separate post). After the wash take a cotton t-shirt and wrap your hair in it and leave it like that for 10 minutes. After that, let your hair air-dry.
  • If I have applied oil, I shampoo my hair twice with this shampoo and voila shiny hair. If not, then shampooing once would be sufficient. 


  • Sulfate and Paraben-Free
  • Lathers well
  • Leaves scalp squeaky clean
  • Enhances the texture of the hair
  • Transparent and runny consistency
  • Controls frizz
  • Leaves hair soft, smooth and silky
  • Works best for dry and dull hair
  • Classy packaging
  • Refreshing smell
  • Does not  remove the natural oil from the hair


  • Little pricey as a daily shampoo

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Yes, I would definitely repurchase Wella Elements Shampoo without giving it a second thought. This is my goto daily shampoo. I would keep on buying this until I find an affordable option with the same qualities.

Trust and Faith Rating



"I can't even find one con for this shampoo, this is an investment for your hair and I swear it is worth each penny. It cleans your scalp, removes the frizz from your hair, improves the texture of your hair, I mean what else you want from your shampoo, ha."

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Thank you for reading. Love! and yes do share your experiences.

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