What does Dry Shampoo Do?

All about Dry Shampoo

If we talk about what Dry Shampoo is, the first thing that comes to our mind is a beautiful and voluminous mane. Let's agree, we all have dreams about voluminous hairs. Except for those who already have them. Recently, I have discovered this magic spray and since then it has become my favorite. And my favorite is Batiste Dry Shampoo. But what we are thinking is what is Dry Shampoo, so read on to know what that is

how is dry shampoo used

Dry Shampoo is basically a concoction that you can use on your hair to increase the life of your blow-out. For example, you have washed your hair on Sunday and you are ought to attend a meeting on Tuesday since you have washed your hair two days earlier you don't feel the need to wash your hair again, here dry shampoo comes to the rescue plus it saves your time too.
So, what this exactly is?

In essence, dry shampoo is just a dry substance that cleans your hair without the use of water.

How does it work? 

It works by absorbing the oil from your scalp and hair and make them look fresh and clean again. 

Dry shampoo is not meant to replace your regular shampooing process, rather it's just an alternative to increase the time between hair washes. The Dry shampoo usually comes in one of the three forms - a powder form, a mousse form, or an aerosol spray. The ones with aerosol spray are more famous.

Are dry shampoo effective?

Yes, they are really effective in freshening up your hair. But results do vary from one hair type to another.

How to use it?

You can use dry shampoo according to 
  • hair type
  • hair's oiliness


  • You need to start with hair that is dry and need to remove any pins, clips, or bands from your hair. 
  • Next, section your hair into two halves.
  • Hold the dry shampoo about six inches away from the crown of your head and spray it on your roots.
  • Follow the same process while sectioning the area around your head.
  • Don't forget to massage in between the area where you have sprayed the shampoo.
  • At last, what I would love to do is flip my hair in the opposite direction and just massage my hair nicely. You can use a blow dryer for the same but remember to keep the settings to cool.
Following this process, you will see a freshness and shine in your hair.

People complain that the dry shampoo leaves a white residue on the hair. Why is it so?

It is solely because you have held the dry shampoo too close to your scalp. The product needs to be massaged in your scalp after that only it can show it's magic. Depositing the product at one place will only irritate your scalp so, always remember to massage the product nicely onto your scalp.

Word of Caution

Although dry shampoo is meant to clean and freshen up your scalp, do not use it for more than two consecutive days. It is not a replacement for washing your hair with water. Use dry shampoo only when necessary.

My DIY remedy for greasy hair

Back in the days when I don't know much about this invention, I used to use Pond's Dream Flower Talc for my hair. How I used to do it is I divide my hair into four sections and sprinkle some powder on the roots, after that, I used to blend it will my fingers very well. The product is ought to spread evenly on your scalp else it will leave patches on your scalp making it look patchy.

After that, I use a comb and brush away the excess, if any. Later, I got to know that the chemicals present in talc, if used for a prolonged time, can cause various types of diseases. Knowing that I stopped using talc for my hair and switched towards dry shampoo.

Talking about dry shampoo, I thought to do some research about it and on every page, the first name that came was Batiste Dry Shampoo. I have read so much about it that I thought of giving it a try and since then this is my Holy Grail product. Dry shampoo for me is Batiste, without any doubt. I love that product beyond limits, it instantly refreshes your hair without making it look patchy.

I have shared a whole review on the Batiste Dry Shampoo on this page. Do check it out.

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