Nat Habit Fresh Nutri Hair Mask Review

Nathabit Fresh Hair NutriMask

"Nat Habit Fresh Nutri Hair Mask is all the goodness for hairs in a pouch. It retails for Rs. 75 but you can buy it at super affordable rates by using code
NAT01SHAILY. It comes in pastel green packaging and is hair mask is light green in colour, you can see the crushed leaves inside the hair mask. It made my hair soft, smooth and silky, I am definitely going to repurchase it."

About Nat Habit

We bring to you freshly made beauty & wellness products inspired by ancient solutions prepared in the kitchens of our moms & grandmoms. Ekdum Taaza!!
  • Fresh Made Daily
  • AYURVEDA certified
  • Inspired by Grandma Secrets
  • 100% Natural


We ensure your Safety First
  • HEAT Treated Raw Materials
  • ZERO Touch Preparation
  • 101 Point WHO Compliance
  • CONTACTLESS Delivery


About Nat Habit Fresh Nutri Hair Mask

A kitchen-made hair mask for absolute hair fall control & complete hair nutrition. Enriched with SLOW HEAT infusion of fresh hibiscus leaves, neem, curry leaves, amla, bhringraj, and fenugreek in multiple oils like mustard, coconut, sesame, and more. 17 powerful ingredients packed into one.

Regular usage helps with:

  • 360-degree hair & scalp nutrition for healthy, strong hair
  • Severe hairfall control
  • Repair of dry and damaged hair
  • Repair of color or chemically treated hair
  • Super shiny & bouncy hair
  • Frizz control without losing bounce
  • Dandruff & other infection removals
  • Oil balance on the scalp

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Suitable for 

All hair types & scalp types: Oily, Dry, Normal, Colored, Chemically Treated, Henna Treated Hairs
  • The hair Mask is meant for 3-4 uses
  • Use before 30 days from the manufacturing date
  • Store airtight
  • Refrigerate during summers

Net Weight


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Power Ingredients

Neem, Sweetneem, Hibiscus, Tulsi, Amla, Bhringraj, Shikakai, Fenugreek, Coconut Oil, Mustard Oil, Black Sesame Oil, Shea Butter, Other Essential Herbs & Oils.

Ingredients of Nathabit Fresh Nutri Hair Mask

Hibiscus Leaves: strengthen hair from roots & promote hair growth.
Neem, Sweetneem: clean scalp, and repair damaged hair.
Tulsi: improves blood circulation reducing itchiness and dandruff.
Mustard, Black Sesame: rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, helps with strong, lustrous hair.
Coconut, Shea Butter: deep conditioning & prevent hair breakage.
Bhringraj, Fenugreek: natural conditioners & hair boosters.

Shelf Life

Use before 30 days from manufacturing.
Use it for 30 min * Thrice weekly.

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  • Five Oil Hibiscus NutriMask, for Hairfall Control
  • Neem & Bhringraj Blend NutriMask, for Dandruff Control
  • Curry Sesame NutriMask, for Grey Hair Control
  • Curry Mustard NutriMask, for Grey Hair Control
  • Men's 8 Herbs Hair Revital NutriMask, for Hairfall & Anti-Greying

Click here to check all variants.

Price, Quantity

Rs. 72 for 40gm

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Directions to Use

  1. Apply 1/3-1/2 pack nourishing multitask on hair & massage on scalp well. 
  2. Keep for 30 min-1 hr for nutrients to be absorbed. 
  3. Shampoo hair twice
  4. No conditioner is needed. 
  5. Use regularly to get truly strong & healthy hair. 
  6. Application prior to every hair wash can speed up results.

Texture, Fragrance

The Nat Habit Fresh Nutri Hair Mask has a very creamy texture. You can feel the oils that are present in the hair mask. It is light green in colour and you can clearly see the crushed leaves inside. 

The texture of Nathabit Hair Mask

Coming to the fragrance, it has a very mild fragrance herbal smell to it, which is neither awful nor very pleasant.

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My hairs

Frizzy, dry, and split ends(yes, I have them all)


It comes in a cute little pouch that has a unique shape, I mean I cannot define the shape exactly, but I will insert a picture so that you have a clear idea. 

Also, you can check my video on Instagram to see close-ups of the product.

The packaging is very decent and looks super cute, it has a screw open cap you can see all the instructions and everything written on the back of the pouch.

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My experience with Nat Habit Fresh Nutri Hair Mask

So, I came across this brand while I was scrolling through my Instagram feed. I clicked to see what this brand is all about. Then, there is their beautiful feed with such pretty pastel packaging and the major part was their inspiration was fresh ingredients from the kitchen.

Crushed Tri-Leaf Boost Hair Mask
Crushed Tri-Leaf Boost Hair Mask

I was stunned to see that they made and send out freshly prepared batches to each and every customer of theirs. Also, the shelf life of the products is just 30 days, also, you need to keep the product in the refrigerator or else it will go stale. 


They have also mentioned the number of times that you need to use it in a week to get the results promised. So, I went to their website and checked their products, they have products ranging from Hair Mask, Face Ubtan, Freshly whipped Skin Malai, Flora Gel, and much more. You can check out the complete list here.

List of the products at

So, I got 2 products for myself, first is there Fresh Nutri Hair Mask and the other one on is there Daily Face Ubtan, and firstly I tried out this one. 

And believe me, I am in love with this product, it has left my hair super shiny and smooth. It has such great ingredients that I 101% believe that it will do magic on your hair if used on a regular basis, btw you can see the difference by using it for once only.

I am definitely going to stock this product and I am going to buy other products from this brand and will review it here super soon, so stay connected.

Also, since I am so much in awe of this product the brand gave me a code which gives you an additional 20% off on the products.

NAT01SHAILY  is the code and it is valid till 22nd August. Currently, the price of the products is already reduced, and over that, if you apply my code you will get the products at super duper affordable rates.

How do I use it?

  1. I applied it the day I want to shampoo my hair.
  2. Used a comb to brush out hair to make them tangle-free.
  3. Scoop out the mask in a bowl(this would make the application wayy less messy)
  4. Separated the hair into partitions and apply it on your scalp and then tie them & leave it for 1 hour.
  5. Washed it off with sulfate-free shampoo twice.
  6. Skipped the conditioner and let the hair air dry.
  7. Say hello to super silky and smooth hairs.

Important Tips

  • You need to shampoo your hair twice as the Hair Mask contains a high concentration of oils and for their complete removal, you will be needing to wash them twice.
  • If your hair is medium length, this mask is for one use only, if you have short hair, then it may last for 2 uses but for medium length, it gets finished in one use only(This acts as an advantage to me as there would not be any hygiene problem).

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  • Super affordable(Use code NAT01SHAILY to make it more affordable)
  • Creamy texture
  • Filled with the goodness of natural ingredients
  • The instructions about the application and everything are mentioned
  • Are prepared in fresh batches and then dispatched
  • Super hygienic as gets finished in one use only


  • Maybe the smell for some, although I had no problem with it

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Yes, I am going to stock up on these products super soon and will also add other variants of products.


"Nat Habit Fresh Nutri Hair Mask is all the goodness for hairs in a pouch. It retails for Rs. 75 but you can buy it at super affordable rates by using code NAT01SHAILY. It comes in pastel green packaging and its hair mask is light green in color, you can see the crushed leaves inside the hair mask. It made my hair soft, smooth, and silky, I am definitely going to repurchase it."

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Trust and Faith Rating


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  1. If it's an AYUSH certified product than % of the ingredients has to be mentioned on the packaging. There is no mention of formulation with % of the individual ingredients on the packaging. Also not able to find AYUSH manufacturing licence Number!!!

  2. The hair mask, hand malai & skin malai cream is awesome.

    I have been using these products from past 3 months & i can see good result from these. I recommend these products as these are the best.


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