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Hello beautiful people,

My name is Vaishali a.k.a. your browngirlshaily. Currently, I live in Noida, India.


I am an engineer by degree and a blogger by passion. 

This blog is all about Reviews, I post about Skincare, Makeup, Haircare, Bodycare and a lot more.

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Since I was a teenager I love to experiment with my skin, trying this and that product and then raving about its review to everyone. 

As I grew up I started doing the same with my makeup, and then one day it clicked like if I love this why not do something about it. 

But due to all of this experimentation this time the bad things follow up.

I broke out so bad that I need to follow a medication for more than 5 months and that has left numerous scars and pigmentation on my face. In short, this was my story. 

Which in turn motivated me even more to start this blog as many people don't know what product to use and especially at which time.

It was not a certain product that broke me out but there was a combination of things that I was not doing right. 

If you do not have genuine guidance as to whether some product is worth giving a shot or not, you will be afraid to try it.

But, if you have proper knowledge about which product is made for which skin concern, what are the ingredients added, how much we need to apply it etc., you won't be afraid to try it and more than that you will be having an answer that yes I did this thing wrong which is why I am having this reaction.

And that's how I started browngirlshaily.

Now, the inspiration behind this blog is to help people judge a product

Be assure that the reviews shared on the blog are genuine. I share the review of products which I love and hate, both.

P.S. Some links not all might be affiliate links which means I can earn a bit from them if you buy, but no extra cost to you.


Please don't experiment with your skincare or makeup. Research about a product only then use it in your skincare or makeup regime.

Take care of your skin. I hope you all continue to love and support my blog. 

You are most welcome to read blogs. 

Please share this blog with your frineds and family. 

Much Love!

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