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Do you know expired products can cause so many problems to your face? Using expired mascara can create eye infection, using expired foundation can create a plethora of pimples on your face.

At first, I didn't know that Expiration Date can play such a huge role in a product's efficacy. I was a lazy girl, I simply go to the shop and buy the product I want without checking its Expiration Date. Since the day, I knew about this, I consciously buy the products and toss them out when Expiration Date has reached.

We do have a lot of products lying around on our shelf but we don't know how long they will last, do we? At one point in time, we start to use it and if it's expired, that product creates havoc on our face, and if not they lose there potency, meaning they stop working for the cause they were meant for.

They either change their color, smell, consistency or texture. So, now the question comes as to how do we determine the expiration date of a product.

How do we determine the expiration of a product?

The expiration of a product is determined by Production Date, PAO(Period of Opening)and Expiration Date.

Let's see in brief what these terms mean:

Production Date: is the date when your product was manufactured. This date is printed on the package but can sometimes be omitted.

PAO: is the time the product can be used after opening. It is generally mentioned with an open jar symbol in the packaging or on the product itself.

Shelf Life Symbol

We generally get confused between these terms but I am sure if you read the statements above you will definitely get the difference.

How do we check the Expiration date of a product?

To check the expiration date of a product, you need to look for Expiration Date and PAOOk, let me tell you this is a bit complicated, so let us understand this slowly, you need to look for Expiration Date and PAO simultaneously. 

There would be two case scenario:

1. The PAO would be reached first

Shelf Life of Makeup

2. The Expiration Date would be reached first

Shelf Life of Makeup

The dates are guidelines, what we also need to keep in mind is the more a product is exposed to air, dirt, and bacteria, the shorter it will make the lifespan of the product.

Generally, products in powder form, last more than those in liquid form and the liquid available in pump packaging lasts more than the ones in bottle form.

Is there a change in the efficacy(effectiveness) of the Product?

Yes, the efficacy of the makeup product says it all, the product stops working for the intended cause, sometimes the consistency of the product would change, sometime the smell would change, sometimes the color would change, especially in the case of Serums.

The makeup products with color pigment tend to lose their effectiveness quicker when compared to a non-pigmented product.

Tips while Handling Makeup Products

  1. Always use clean hands while handling makeup products.
  2. Do not share the beauty products which touch your face directly even with your sister.
  3. Clean brushes, sponges that come in contact with your makeup products.
  4. Store the product in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.
  5. Label the product once you have opened it, put a sticker at the bottom, this would take time at first but would make you free from the hassle of checking it every now and then.
  6. Do not store the product in a humid condition.

How often do we need to wash makeup brushes and sponges?

If you are using your makeup brushes daily, it would be best if you clean them every weekend or in 3-4 days. If you use them weekly, then once or twice a month is enough.

What to look for before buying Makeup Product?

Look for the expiration date firstMany salespeople do not care about you, they just care for the sales, so watch out the Expiration Date before buying the product.

Yes, your makeup products do expire and lose its effectiveness, do consider it before purchasing them. Look for the Expiration Date and only then make a purchase. Use your money wisely. 

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