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Claims about the product

  • Luxuriously high color.
  • Long-wearing eye shadow quartets in a sleek.
  • Silky texture adheres to skin for crease-resistant color.

51 eyeshadow palette

Product Description 

Make your eyes look fabulous with this eye shadow by Glam 21. It has the essential extracts which soothe the tired eyes. The brilliant color makes your eyes more appealing. It gives a silky feel. It has long-lasting colors and they do not crease.


  • Amazon: Rs. 340 (meaning each color for Rs. 6.67)
  • Flipkart: Rs.299
I ordered it from Amazon for Rs. 340 but you can get the product on sale as these items are on sale on Amazon and Flipkart throughout the year. 


Compressed Powder.


46 g


Apply it with the brush given in the case.

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The product comes in a rectangular cardboard box where the ingredients are written on the back. Since the palette is for Rs. 340, I didn't expect a bombshell packaging but the packaging received was decent enough. There was another thin cardboard packaging inside the box. After opening that box, the eyeshadow palette was covered in a thin plastic foil. 

Glam 21 51 Color Eye Shadow Palette

After opening the palette, you will get 51 eyeshadowstwo double-sided applicatorsa big mirror, and one plastic placed in between eyeshadow and the mirror. The palette closes with a click sound which shows the palette is closed and will not spill here and there.

Texture and Fragrance

The texture of the colors is highly milled and they are placed neatly inside the containers. The eyeshadows are smooth to touch and feels comfortable on the eyes. It has a very mild smell which reminds me of smell from blue-heaven cosmetics.

glam palette

My experience with Glam 21 51 Color Eye Shadow Palette 

So, I came across this palette when I was randomly scrolling through Amazon for some home decor stuff. I honestly have never seen such a huge palette, so I was kind of surprised which made me open its description page. I was shocked to see the price of this palette plus I was also thinking of buying an inexpensive colorful palette that too under budget. Buying an eyeshadow palette was not a priority then but seeing such a good affordable palette with these many shades, I ordered it without giving any second thought. 

Glam 21 51 Color Eye Shadow Palette

Coming to the pigmentation part, the eyeshadow provides decent pigmentation but you need to apply it multiple times. You can clearly see that I have applied the eyeshadow multiple times and then I am sharing this review. I have tried applying it with my regular eyeshadow brush, the blending was a little difficult in the starting but it went perfect at the end. So, if you are applying it with the eyeshadow brush, a lot of blending is required. Applying eyeshadow with fingers provides maximum pigmentation but that the eyeshadow also sticks to your lids. The brushes provided inside the palette are of no use to me. 

glam 21 eyeshadow availability
Swatch of some eyeshadows

The palette mostly contains shimmer eyeshadow, it does not have any matte eyeshadow. I have tried applying the eyeshadow wet too, but that literally just stuck the product that it was so hard to remove it. There is a little bit of fall here and there, so for the safer side, I prefer to do my eye makeup first and then the rest of the makeup. This makes me free from the if's of ruining my face makeup. The staying power of the product is 3-4 hours, great for a small function. 

glam 21 eyeshadow
Swatch of blue eyeshadow using fingers

glam 21 eyeshadow
Swatch of blue eyeshadow using an eyeshadow brush

Coming to the coverage part, the eyeshadows provide maximum coverage when applied with fingers. Dab the eyeshadow directly on your lid and voila you are good to go.

One more thing, please remove the eyeshadow with some patience, it will leave glitters on the lids after removal. 

My Advice - Take a cotton pad with micellar water on it, keep it on the lid for 5 seconds then wipe it off. If it still remains, take some vaseline on a new cotton pad and then wipe it off. Your eyes will be clean and moisturized too. Thank me later.

How I use it?

I always do my eye makeup first, what I like to do is I apply a matte shade matching my outfit and then I top it up with a shimmery shade of this palette with my finger which is of the matching shade of the matte eyeshadow.  As this palette has many shades, one will definitely get whatever shade one is looking for.


  • The shade range is impressive
  • Affordable
  • Sleek packaging
  • Versatile shade range


  • Not travel friendly due to its size
  • Applicator brushes are a waste


"Go for this eyeshadow palette if you are looking for some inexpensive eyeshadow palette that has a humongous shade range. If you are on a tight budget, then definitely skip this as there are many multi-purpose palettes available."

Trust and Faith Rating

4.5/5 (Due to the shade range and the quality compared to the price)


I would definitely not repurchase this palette. The quality of the palette is decent enough for the price. 

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