True Frog Haircare Range Review


Looking for a haircare combo that will take care of your curls, is Curly Girl Friendly, is SLS and paraben-free, free from all the nasties and is 100% vegan. Uff, that was a lot of claims, but wait is there a brand like this?

Well yes, True Frog is here for you. True Frog is founded by a team of professionals from diverse, yet relevant backgrounds. They are here to build a brand that acknowledges a simple truth: Beauty can have integrity. Read more here.


Now, why True? True, because it is simple, non-toxic, and free of all harmful chemicals. 
True, because we list every ingredient on the labels, and do not mislead you with tall claims and false promises.

We are also true to the environment by being vegan, cruelty-free.
Let's see how the products worked for me, I have tried the Shampoo for Curls, Everyday Hair Conditioner, and Deep Conditioning Hair Mask.

True Frog Shampoo for Curls


The Shampoo retails for Rs. 585. 
I started using the shampoo in the winter months, i.e., Nov 2021. The Shampoo is transparent yet thick in texture, it is more of a gel-like consistency. The color is a bit on the yellowish side.
It comes with a pump dispenser for easy dispensing of the product. Due to winters, I feel the shampoo solidified a bit which makes it a bit difficult to squeeze out of a pump dispenser. But nevertheless, it is not a con for me as I love this shampoo to bits so I will find ways to use it.

I use it by dissolving it in water and then applying it all over my scalp. I have been using the shampoo for more than a month and I have tried different combinations like on greasy hairs, after applying oil, without applying oil & I must say the shampoo works amazingly well in cleansing the scalp.

I have used the shampoo with Tresemme Keratin Smooth Conditioner too to check how it works with other conditioners and the shampoo amazes me then too.
All n all, to summarize it, I absolutely love this shampoo, it makes my hair, soft, bouncy, and healthy-looking. This shampoo exceeds all my expectations and I will definitely repurchase it.

True Frog Everyday Hair Conditioner


The True Frog Everyday Hair Conditioner retails for Rs. 565.

The Everyday Hair Conditioner contains Avocado butter, Tamanu oil, White lotus extract, and Quinoa protein. All of which are excellent for providing nourishment to your hair.


The conditioner comes with a pump dispenser and has a very mild fragrance to it.

I use the conditioner after the True Frog Shampoo and the experience is ethereal. The combo made my hair super luxurious, soft, bouncy, and healthy. I think I am short of words to explain how much I love this hair care duo.


Talking about consistency, the conditioner is semi-thick in nature but is supremely lightweight. Spreads easily and leaves the hair soft, and smooth. 

True Frog Deep Conditioning Hair Mask


The True Frog Deep Conditioning Hair Mask retails for Rs. 695.

True Frog Deep Conditioning Hair Mask contains Tucuma butter, Apple, and tamarind extract, all biodegradable products best known for nourishing and protecting hair.

The True Frog Deep Conditioning Hair Mask is quite runny in consistency and comes in a classy white tub.


It has a mild fragrance that is more on the sour side. The runny consistency makes the application part super easier.

I have used the hair mask just after shampooing my hair with the True Frog Shampoo for Curls and the result was super nourished yet voluminous hair.


I have used the hair mask with different shampoo and conditioners too and it gave the same result.

This hair mask is perfect if you have dry or frizzy hair and the main problem is difficulty in managing hair.

Whenever I use any two products from this range together, I don't need a separate serum for my hair.


I absolutely love this haircare combo, if you are facing issues like frizzy hair, difficulty managing them, you should definitely try this range and I am sure you will not be disappointed. I love this range 101%.

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