Bella Vita Organic Senorita Perfume Review



"Bella Vita Organic is an all-natural skincare brand that believes in bringing skincare according to the needs of the new age consumer. 

The Bella Vita Organic Senorita Perfume retails for Rs. 999 for 100ml.

It has a sweet mellow fragrance to it which lasts up to 3-4 hours.

I will repurchase this product for sure."

About Bella Vita Organic

  • Bella Vita Organic or 'The Good Life' is a leading natural beauty and skincare brand committed to building handcrafted, organic solutions invigorated by the natural elements of the earth and ancient skin and hair care practices. 
  • As a brand, we encourage our new-age consumers to analyze their skin and feed it accordingly. 


  • We aspire to satisfy and preserve your body's necessities using environmentally responsible ingredients. 
  • We adore delivering regime-oriented skincare products and services with round-the-clock expertise navigating you through every step of your self-care journey.
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Brand Pillars

  • Not tested on Animals
  • Non-toxic sustainably made
  • Certified Ayurveda


  • No harsh detergents
  • Paraben-Free
  • Remarkable Results

About Bella Vita Organic Senorita Perfume

  • Wake up, ladies! It’s time to sizzle in style with the classic Senorita Perfume by Bella Vita Organic. 
  • This vibrant, fresh and fruity perfume, epitomizing the elegant woman, is here to delight your senses. 
  • A seductive composition of fragrant notes, this delicate fruity perfume for women is sure to garner a host of compliments.


  • Senorita EDP by Bella Vita Organic is your definite go-to fragrance to add oomph to every occasion! 
  • Its fruity-floral gentleness drapes around you to present a picture of a classy, sophisticated woman. 
  • It bursts with top fruity notes of yuzu & pomegranate, layered with a heart of exotic peony, lotus, and magnolia and a rich classy base of musky Mahogany and amber.
  • It is fruity & floral but certainly grounded with a warm woodsy base. 


  • This gorgeous citrus-led fragrance has an enticing presence and is an ideal wear for the new age free-spirited and chic women. 
  • Its versatile fragrance makes it a perfect choice for daywear at work and also for a quiet romantic evening. 
  • Wait no more, it is time to pick this fresh fruity perfume and enjoy its alluring touch and fragrance on your mind & body!

Key Ingredients

  • Ethanol Alcohol, Perfume Oil, Basil, Propylene Glycol, DM Water.

Fragrance Notes

  • Top Notes - Yuzu & Pomegranate
  • Mid/Heart Notes - Peony, Lotus & Mongolia
  • Base Notes - Mahogany & Amber

Shelf Life

3 years

Price, Quantity

Rs. 999, 100ml


The Senorita Perfume is mostly on discount.

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Directions to Use

Step 1: Spray the perfume toward your pulse points at a distance of about 12 inches, stepping toward the mist in the air each time you spray.

Step 2: Repeat the process until you cover all the desired pulse points like your wrist, back of your knee, neck, and underarms.

Note: For excellent results, you can also re-spray this all-natural, mild, and non-allergic aroma at regular intervals throughout the day.
The Bella Vita Organic Senorita Perfume comes in a matte black cardboard box with a golden print.

It has the instructions written on the sides of the boxes about usage, ingredients, mfg date, etc.


Inside is the gem of its kind, the Senorita Perfume is there, it comes in a frosted glass bottle, the spray dispenser works perfectly, it dispenses the perfect amount of perfume at a time.

The packaging looks super classy and chic and could be an amazing option for gifting.

My Experience with Bella Vita Organic Senorita Perfume

I have tried the Rose Water Glowner from this brand and I am in love with that one, I use it religiously in my morning & evening skincare routine, read the review.

Let's talk about this beautiful perfume, first of all, the packaging is so classy and chic, the bottle had my heart from the first look.


The perfume is light orange water inside a frosted glass bottle, the cap is black in color. The shape of the bottle is like that of an hourglass.

The perfume has a strong fruity smell to it, it lasts super long.

I would say the perfume has both fruity as well as flowery but is super mild, it will not irritate your nose for sure.


Just spray a bit on your pulse points and you are good to go.

The affordability of the Bella Vita Organic Senorita Perfume makes it wonderful for daily office or college-going peeps.

You can carry the bottle with you and spray it whenever in need.

The perfume is available almost always at a good discount, do try and I am sure you all will love it.

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How I use it?

  • During these times, we are staying in our home all the time, what I do is I spray this around my work desk and sometimes on my clothes to feel refreshed and energized all day long.

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  • Easy availability
  • Mild fragrance
  • Refreshes the mind instantly
  • Affordable(almost always on discount)
  • Stays for long
  • Classy, chic packaging


  • Nothing

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Yes. would love to try other variants too.


"Bella Vita Organic is an all-natural skincare brand that believes in bringing skincare according to the needs of the new age consumer. 

The Bella Vita Organic Senorita Perfume retails for Rs. 999 for 100ml.

It has a sweet mellow fragrance to it which lasts up to 3-4 hours.

I will repurchase this product for sure."

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