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Most Affordable Eye Liner | Eye Liner Under Rs. 90 | NY Bae Deep Intense Kohl Eye Pencil

NY Bae Deep Intense Kohl Eye Pencil

The eyeliner which I am going to talk about today is super budget-friendly. This NY Bae Deep Intense Kohl Eye Pencil is just for Rs. 85.

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The NY Bae Deep Intense Kohl Eye Pencil is available in 7 shades. I have purchased in shade Blue.

Claims about the Product

  • Build to impart that highly pigmented and highly intense color on the eyes.
  • It is a vegan product and will make you look fabulous all day long.
  • No worry about smudges or water washing away kohl anymore.
  • The spirit of the vibrant city, New York packed in a sharpenable pencil.


Rs. 85.

I got it free as there was an offer of Buy one Get One Free on NY Bae Products.

Claimed Benefits

  • Smudge-Proof
  • Intense Pigmentation
  • Water-Resistant


The ingredients are not mentioned on the website nor on the packaging provided.



Shelf Life

3 years

Claimed Lasting Power

Lasts up to 8 hours.

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Available Shades

The Kohl is available in 7 shades- Blue, Green, Black, 2 shades of White, Gold, Grey, and Bronze.

Shade Range of NyBae Eye Pencil
Shade Range 


The Kohl Eye Pencil comes with a plastic covering wrapped around it.

ny bae kajal pencil

The pencil is not thin rather it is on the thicker side for a better grip while application. The eye pencil comes in a black body with a silver cap and a silver tail

blue kohl eyeliner

It is difficult to identify the shades as there is no color coordination provided on the cap of the pencil. However, near the tail side, the shade name is written over a silver strip.

best affordable kajal in india

The product comes in wooden packaging so the need is to sharpen it regularly which leads to a lot of product wastage. Also, the sharpener is not provided with the pencil.

The price, weight, claims, and other manufacturing details are written on the body itself.

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My experience with NY Bae Deep Intense Kohl Eye Pencil

I have purchased two shades of this Eye Pencil, Blue, and Green. The packaging of the product is quite decent. It has a sturdy cap that fits perfectly in the body of the pencil. The name of the brand NY Bae is embarked on the cap of the pencil.

eye pencil blue

Coming to the pigmentation, it is a very nice royal blue color which according to me will suit every skin tone. The consistency of the product is also very buttery, the product glides on very smoothly. It offers decent pigmentation. Two swipe of the product is enough to give it a decent pigmentation.

blue kohl eyeliner

The brand claims it to be smudge-proof, but the product is not smudge-proof, it does smudges. The moment you will rub your eyes, it will make you look like a ghost instantly.

best nybae products

best blue kajal

It is also claimed to be water-resistant, it is water-resistant, it does bot bleed after coming in contact with water.

cheap blue eyeliner

Coming to its claim about longevity, you need to set this with powder first only then it will stay for 1-2 hours, without powdering it will smudge the moment you rub your eyes.

How I use it?

I sometimes, apply it as an eyeliner on my upper lash line and smudge it with either eyeshadow of the same shade or loose powder.

Bonus Tip

You can apply this as an eyeshadow also, just smudge it all over your eyelids and then apply eyeshadow of the same shade. It will intensify the pigment.


  • Super affordable
  • Pigmented
  • Decent packaging
  • Travel friendly
  • Water-resistant


  • No sharpener provided
  • Availability issue
  • Ingredient list not mentioned
  • Not smudge-proof


Yes, I will buy it again, it is pocket friendly and does provide pigmentation.

Trust and Faith Rating



"The product is decent and great for everyday usage, you can try it for a small occasion, all you need to do is set it with eyeshadow and voila you are good to go."

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