Benefits of Rosehip Oil

benefits of rosehip oil

What is Rosehip Oil?

Rosehip Oil contains a natural source of antioxidants, such as tocopherols and carotenoids, to help in protection from daily stress. It also contains a good amount of linoleic acid which may help in reducing acne.

Unlike rose oil, Rosehip Oil is pressed from the seeds and fruits of the rose bush. Its high concentration of nourishing vitamins and essential fatty acids makes its benefits unlimited.

It is great at nourishing your hair and is a boon for dry nails and cuticles, but the best benefit of it still lies in improving your complexion.

You all must be thinking that we have oily skin dude, how are we supposed to put oil on our face, but let me stop you right here, Rosehip oil is also known as 'dry oil'. And which means that it will not make your skin greasy or sticky and will not leave a residue on your skin. And that makes it perfect for all skin types.

My favorite is Good Vibes Rosehip Radiant Glow Face Serum. It is very lightweight and absorbs into the skin in seconds.

The vitamins in the oil serve as antioxidants to help fight free radicals. The essential fatty acids found in the oil, i.e., Oleic Acid, Linoleic Acid, Palmitic Acid, Gamma Linoleic Acid are absorbed by the skin and converted to prostaglandins. These compounds play a role in the regeneration of tissues and cell membranes. The oil improves skin health and delays signs of aging.

The oil when combined with Vitamin E has a shelf life of 2 years.

Now, let us have a look at the benefits that Rosehip oil provides,

Benefits of Rosehip Oil

1. Helps in brightening the skin and reducing dark spots

Rosehip oil can be used to brighten the skin tone. It is especially beneficial in treating dark spots. The astringent properties of the oil help in tightening the pores. The Vitamin A and C make this oil a great plant-based brightener. Vitamin C helps in breaking the melanin patches on the skin and prevents them from forming and Vitamin A also known as retinol helps in disappearing that dull skin.

2. Is incredibly moisturizing

The fatty acids present in Rosehip oil mimics the oil that our skin produces. The essential fatty acids present in oil comes in the form of lightweight, fast-absorbing oil, providing moisture without greasiness.

3. Helps in soothing irritated skin

Vitamin E is present in the oil and we all know Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory benefits making it perfect for those with irritated skin, acne problems or cystic breakouts. 

4. Helps in anti-aging(fine lines and wrinkles)

Collagen is known to keep the skin supple and plump. And the pollution, sunrays breaks down our collagen supply. Rosehip oil has Vitamin A and E and thus it helps in boosting collagen production, in turn, improving fine lines and texture.

5. Perfect carrier oil

Essential oils are too strong to put directly on the skin, so here come carrier oils to help. Adding a few drops of essential oil into this oil will create the best of two oils combination for you.

6. It can help reduce skin's pigmentation

Retinoids in Rosehip Oil helps to lighten the pigment. They also help in cell maturation and cell turnover, resulting in an overall brightening effect.

7. May help in healing stretch marks

Women who used to use creams containing Rosehip Oil throughout there pregnancies were less likely to develop stretch marks. The women who have them, through continue usage found that they did not get worse.

Side effects of Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil has no known side effects until now. But everyone's skin is different, so try a patch test before proceeding with it.

Usage of Rosehip Oil

It can be used twice a day, one in the morning and another in the evening. The most popular way is to use it with your regular moisturizer. 

You can also add it to your favorite essential oil.

If you want to know how I use it, please refer to my Review of Good Vibes Rosehip Radiant Glow Face Serum.

Word of Caution

Keep the oil in a cool and dark place to make sure that it doesn't go bad.

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